Recommendations for data recovery in the Philippines

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Hello! I have this hard drive that failed and I suspect it might be mechanical failure (I was told it had water damage and suddenly a bunch of bad sectors by the first repairing person). I've been searching through a lot of data recovery companies but most of them are based in the USA or Canada, and I live in the Philippines. Do you have any recommendations/reviews for data recovery specialists/centers that are in the Philippines? Preferably within Metro Manila/Southern Luzon. Or failing that, maybe somewhere within Southeast Asia?

The one I was able to find that actually claimed to have a clean room was ISS Eyan, but I haven't met enough people with experience with them (and of that one person, his data was found unrecoverable…).

Thank you very much!

(I did describe this problem in a different post, but I kinda got lost in the details and buried my ask for recommendations. I'm well aware how my data was potentially risked, but now I kinda need help discerning which center(s) I should probably take it next.)

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