Recover Partition After Accidentally Including Wrong Drive to Storage Spaces Pool

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A bit of bad luck and a couple of bad decisions and here is the scenario I' m in, I accidentally added a 6 TB external hard drive to some Storage Spaces pool. We realized my mistake prior to I wrote to the swimming pool but in a panic i actually went through the process of removing that will drive from the pool and shut down that computer and removed the drive. The most important files that were on that will drive — family photos and videos are safe on another drive and in the cloud but I had plenty of other files that were painstakingly organized like rips of each CD I' ve actually owed, rips of the majority of my DVD/BDs, all my university course, and other random items that I have accumulated over the years to the stage I don' t know what it all was but I' d like to have.

I' m currently running TestDisk on it, and it is VERY gradual. I previously tried Recuva, Recoverit, and the partition recovery tool on Partition Sorcerer. Recoverit did find a large amount of files but no file names or file structure but I don' testosterone levels have it in me to endure thousands and thousands of files in order to rename and reorganize.

Is it possible to recover the partition and the file structure or am I SOL?

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