Recover Partition with Testdisk – 2TB partition instead of 8TB

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An 8tb WD Red hard drive with 1 NTFS partition recently appeared as RAW. I ran TestDisk on the drive and was able to find a partition using various guides. I thought the files looked good in the list files, so I wrote the partition out. Now, however the drive is only 2TB out of the 8TB, with 5.28tb showing as unallocated, and missing a lot of files and folders. I am not sure why I didn't notice the 2TB on the bottom of the screen for the size before I wrote the partition table.

Is there an easy way to expand the volume and gain access to the files on the other parts of the disk?

After all this, I did a ddrescue so I can do things to the image instead of the drive itself, but that was after I had already "recovered" it to 2TB. There were no issues or errors detected during the imaging process. (I should have done the image first)

I also tried opening the ddrescue image with DMDE as well, and if I get a file list from the partition, it only returns 2TB of files.

Some things I thought I could try:

Would a deep search for a partition in TestDisk accomplish anything? Since it was just one large partition that was supposed to be 8tb, I didn't try this before but it is running now (it will take a while)

Or, would trying to re-expand the drive using gparted or some other tool help? Or using gparted to do data recovery?

Or, use DMDE/photorec or some other tool to scan the whole drive to see if it can find any additional files (although the filename and directory structure would be missing from what I gather – which doesn't sound great)

Any other data recovery tools that could be used to help restore the files/folders that are missing or expand the TestDisk image to the drive size?

Any assistance or information would be wonderful.
I wasn't able to find any additional information on Google as there doesn't seem to be many people with the same issue.

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