Recovering data from a Micro Sd card

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So, I accidentally formatted my mom's phone about 3 years ago, the microSD card was still in, and it's not accessible since then. I am a total beginner in this stuff. I will give a rundown on what I've done with it till now:

-It's been about 3 years since the incident

-It was set as 'internal memory' instead of the portable option, so it won't work on any devices since then, I remember searching about it a bit back then and seeing it lost its 'key' or something, might be wrong memories tho.

-It hasn't been used until last week when I first ran a few free software to no avail, I did get a handful of files but it is not in an accessible file format, like .SWF etc.

-Yes, I did run chkdsk (my bad) about 2 times, it said that the card was containing raw files and won't work on it.

-I haven't used any professional help or paid services so far.

Would be glad if you guys could give some help, if any other info is needed I'll provide it in the comments.

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