recovering data with DiskDrill, am I doing something wrong?

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recovering data with DiskDrill, am I doing something wrong?

I accidentally formatted a 1 TB external HDD.

The results of a Disk Drill deep scan include a bunch of directories:OrphansVideoPicturesand so on.

The files under Orphans are grouped in directories which partially retain (except for the highest level directory) the original directory structure and names as well as the original file names, which is excellent.

However, when I recover these files (they are mostly images and video), they are unreadable.

.jpg files produce an "Invalid image" message and the recovered file seem to be half the expected size (8 mb in Explorer instead of 16mb showing in the Disk Drill Scan Results).

In my case it is easy to see (by looking at the size of large video files) that some of the files that show up under Orphans also show up in the other categories, e.g. Video, but without the directory structure and file names.

If I choose to recover files included under Video or Pictures, the files are readable, but the directory structure and the original file names are gone.

The fact that the files are not recoverable through Orphans seems to be a bug. Or am I doing something wrong?

Clearly a lot of the metadata (filenames, directory structure) have survived, how can I recover them with Disk Drill? With another tool?

Clearly DSCF0982.MOV is the same as

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