Recovering deleted media files from android phone

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I accidentally deleted around 50 image and video files on my android oneplus 5T phone (has lineageOS and TWRP installed, rooted). The phone has internal memory only, no external sdcard.

The plan is to use photorec software to recover deleted media files.

On my linux pc, used adb pull command for the phone's /data partition and saved it to the PC as data.img file (around 120gigs). I identified the partition via using already installed TWRP > Advanced > Terminal > and using 'mount' command to list partitions.

Though I'm wondering if the saved data.img file is encrypted. When I mount it on PC, it lists the folders, but get error when trying to view contents within the folders.

Anyhow, I then tried the default settings with photorec software with 'Free' setting – no files found.Then tried 'Whole' setting – a few gzip files (which error on trying to extract).

Any advice will be appreciated.


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