recovering files from a reformated disk without rewriting them [question]

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I have an external hdd, which had NTFS as it's file system.

when I connected it to my old computer the USB cable lost proper contact and the ntfs file system got corrupted. I reformatted it to NTFS with the same settings. and ran a deepscan with recuva which tells me all files are in perfect condition.

So I know that if I get another hdd, I should be able to restore the data to it. however since this drive was only used to store one specific project, and this project is around 200gb in size and all still in perfect condition on the same location, I wondered if it would be possible to just re-enable them/ add them back to the journal without rewriting them. since the only thing that actually misses are the bytes saying they are actual files. and this would save a lot of trouble and a harddrive.

Question in short: is it possible to re-enable files on a formated drive when they all are still in perfect state, without the need for completely rewriting all files. using recuva or another free recovery software. asuming the ntfs file system.

you can see it as a new hdd to which files have been moved after which it got fast formatted.

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