Recovering sensitive files from dead m2 SSD

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Recovering sensitive files from dead m2 ssd

Hello! I have an AddLink NVMe M2 SSD I bought about a year ago that died on me recently. This is probably karma as I’ve got tax documents and personal info on the drive and I’m the idiot who opted not to back them up.

I already have a StarTech external M2 enclosure so I can connect the dead drive to my computer via USB, but I’m struggling to find any sort of program that can attempt to recover files from the drive.

Does anybody know of a program capable of this or any other hardware I could buy that may get the job done?

I’d prefer to avoid shipping the drive to a data recovery professional. I would rather not put trust in strangers, although the irony of this post may imply I’ll have no other choice.

Any suggestions of programs, hardware, or reputable company would be greatly appreciated.


Made the same post on r/techsupport and it was recommended I post here too. I don’t believe PC specs are relevant other than my OS, which is Windows 10.

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