Recovering the file names/hierarchy a Windows Storage Space turned Unallocated?

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Hi, I had a RAID 0 NTFS Windows Storage Space array that became unallocated a couple years ago and I've just been sitting down and trying to get what I can back.

First off, information. These drives were always on Windows 10 and running through their Microsoft's Storage Space RAID setup on Windows 10. Both drives are 1TB Seagate HDD's, formatted NTFS. Both are in good health still.

I have used TestDisk to recover all of the files, and I have them stored on a network storage drive right now, however I need to find a way to sort those out. As it stands right now, there are no folders or file names to any of the files, although they seem to have properties like dates.

The files are there, and I've been able to pull them all out, but is there a way to assemble the files and folders again with another freeware program? Or preferably, a way to recover the partitions and drives in place?

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