Recovery deleted PlayStation Game Data

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So a while back my account got hacked and I had to make a new one, but as far as I knew that would me I wouldn't have access to any of my current games. So decided to transfer all the game data to my external storage, but I didn't transfer my save data.

After some digging through the PlayStation system I managed to transfer my save data to the external storage but it ended up deleting all of my game data and now I can't even play my games unless the external storage is plugged in since it has it's deleted game data

I ended up downloading disk drill and it turns out that the data is still in the external storage but not at the surface and can be recovered….unless I do a paid subscription to disk drill

I've heard some different things regarding Disk Drill both good and bad (mainly bad on here and good on Google) and I honestly don't know if it's a good and safe program.

And if there are other ways to recovery this data please tell me. This has been a huge pain in the ass since the beginning of the year and PlayStations customer support is not helping me whatsoever

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