Recuperation after windows 11 custom made install?

admin 22 May , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

Hello I did a home windows 11 custom install having an USB after a blue display error. I noticed a bunch of hard disk drives and partitions options

Disk 0 partition 1 – 28 mb space left

Disk 0 partition 2(SSD) – 2000 gb remaining

Disk one partition 1 – 200mb of space left

Disk 2 partition 1 and so on.

I noticed the one with (OS) which I assumed was the Chemical drive had almost one terabyte of space remaining like 982gbs. So I informed myself this can’t be the one with all of my documents and programs because I knew my C push is almost out of storage space this is why I purchased the SSD (disk 0 partition 2) with 2000gb of space.

So I did a custom install around the (OS) partition. When the install was complete it was just like a factory reset there were no existing programs none of my files were there not even within the windows. old folder.

So did I simply wipe my drive clear of my files? And when so why did the (OS) folder which I assumed was your C drive almost have full storage at 982gbs. Were my files plus programs in the other partitioning that had the small amounts of space left and I just need to access those partitions?

I’m sending to some data recovery specialist just in case but do you think I erased all of my data?

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