Replacing the PCB on a Seagate SSHD

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Replacing the PCB on a Seagate SSHD

Hello everybody!

I have a ST1000LX015 1TB SSHD whose PCB died. The drive fails to spin up and takes ages to POST, so I decided to replace the PCB. I bought a working used drive on eBay. They both have the same firmware number, the only difference is the PCB revision, which from what I've read doesn't matter.

I've tried replacing the PCB outright and the drive spins up, but the POST takes ages, but the computer boots eventually. The drive is recognized in the BIOS. When booting to Linux it keeps spitting out I/O errors and I'm unable to format the drive.

After some further reading, I realized I have to transfer the firmware to the new PCB. This board has its BIOS built into the Controller IC, which I think is the 88i1160 chip. I can probably get that transferred, but I'm wondering if there are any extra steps I have to take because of the NAND flash. Do I have to replace that too or make some kind of secure erase? I only saw this mentioned here. I also read that it might not be that simple here.

Here are a few (hopefully relevant) photos:

broken PCB (left), board from the donor drive (right)

broken PCB (left), board from the donor drive (right)

Supposedly the controller

my drive (left), donor drive (right)

I would be really grateful to anyone that can help me. I am comfortable with anything command-line related.

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