Sabrent SSD Died

admin 06 Jun , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

I bought a Sabrent Rocket 1tb NVMe drive on 12/26/2021, and it is already dead. It would throw WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR BSODs, and then fail to be detected by the BIOS. Reseating the drive would help but only for a couple days. Now it’s not being recognized by the BIOS at all, even when I put it in an exterior enclosure. One symptom that may be useful is that when it is run on, even in the external enclosure, it gets too hot to touch.

I’ve bought a replacement generate (Samsung 980 Pro), but now I need to get the data out of somehow. If it was discovered by the BIOS I could simply do a sudo dd if=/dev/< old drive> of=/dev/< new drive> bs=512k , but it isn’t.

I’ve also already started the RMA process with Sabrent, but Now i’m 95% sure they are not too many going to do any data recuperation.

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