Samsung 970 EVO Plus SOLID STATE DRIVE became read only after power outage. Crystal Disc Info Shows Bad 100 percent and Samsung Magician shows the same SMART data. Is usually my data recoverable?

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Hi folks.

My Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD became read only (write protected) after a power outage throughout a windows update. Ever since then I’m not able to get any data out of it or even format it.

I actually tried the Diskpart method, the HKEY Local Registery Method, updating firmware plus a bunch of other stuff but to no avail.

Samsung 970 EVO Plus Crystal Disk Information ( Shows SMART Details)

Samsung 970 EVO Plus Magician 1 ( Shows Common Health)

Samsung 970 EVO Plus Magician 2 ( Shows SMART Details)

I’ve attempted to recover the Data using some applications ( EASEUS and Recuva) and none of them seem to work.

Is there any other way to recover the data? or should I not mess around plus contact a professional data recovery service?

Honestly the data there isn’t that essential. So is there any other way I could format mine and get my SSD back? or even is the drive just deceased and I have to claim warranty?

I bought the drive 6 months back and I did so take a look at the warranty papers and it said 5 many years warranty. My only query is does this come under warranty?

Thanks for your time in advance. Wish you can help me in some way. I might gladly provide any additional details if you people want.

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