SD card corrupted and encrypted by phone, need to retrieve data but how???

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mini SD card (SanDisk 128gb ultra 100mb/s A1) suddenly failed, after 1.5 years in a Motorola e6. Phone no longer recognizes it and said it was corrupt. trying to copy files to computer (no, it was not backed up). computer sees 2 partitions, but asks to format, cannot copy or see any files, says its 0bytes. Motorola e6 plus, apparently encrypt SD cards that are configured to internal. So now I am left with a corrupt and encrypted SD card. I tried many many software with no success so far. took me days to understand what was what.

Motorola says the key for encryption is underivable, but I felt they were trying to be lazy and unhelpful… how can they create such a defective product I do not know….

contacting a recovery company they charge more money then I have just lying around…

Any suggestions?

thanks for any help.

Also phone still has cached photos, been trying at the very least to save these blurry icons, but when connecting the phone it shows as empty, any one know how to save cached photos? – Motorola said it was not possible..)

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