SD Card full of bad sector

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Hello, I have a sandisk SD card that started showing as corrupted on my phone. I inserted it into my PC today using an adapter, but I cannot open it as its saying "please insert disc".

After cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol windows showed it once as normal i.e. 7.64GB/14GB, which is about right on the amount I had on it, however again I couldn't open it.
It is now showing simply as "hbcd pe x64 D: FAT32".
I used some software I got off google to scan the card.
When it started scanning, it was one bad sector another one.CHKDSK cannot repair it as its saying it's RAW.
Disk manager is showing it now as "Unallocated".

Is there anyway I could possibly recover the data on it without sending it for data recovery? Currently it's being scanned by Disk Drill, it's apparently gonna take 18 hours.I have no idea if that's a good app or not, any recommendations are welcomed.

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