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Hello, Reddit! Awhile back again a friend gave me an sdcard that had stopped working, what had happened is definitely when they got a new mobile phone they transferred the sdcard from their old phone for their new phone, and just like that it stopped working. I' ve done some basic document recovery before so I thought I could help.

I connected it into my personal computer (windows 10 fully updated) and it made a generate inserted sound, but nothing jumped up, so I tried rebooting my pc, my regular pc boot time isn' t even 2 mere seconds. this time it wasn' t loading at all, so I unplugged the drive while it was loading and it booted immediately, I plugged the drive back in and it made exactly the same noise but nothing popped up, (in device manager, generate manager, or any other on windows tool I know) so I rebooted again to find out what would happen if I just waited, 15 minutes later the pc booted, and it popped up! sorta, it popped up as sdxc with the regular icon, but I couldn' t open it, or right-click it (see image attached) and then windows explorer halted working.

as long as I don' t interact with sdxc the computer seems to work just fine, the first instinct in this situation was to open up drive manager and see if I can easily see how it' s partitioned, but when I open generate manager it gets stuck on " connecting to virtual drive service" I actually left it sitting on that for an hour and yes it still didn' t end up working. so I went to other applications! Easeus. Disk Drill, DMDE! NOTHING worked! I actually even tried moving in order to Linux and trying to recover it on there and that didn' t work!

by now I actually figured, welp. drives deceased, so I threw my laptop onto my couch plus forgot about it, about a week later I get on the laptop (sd card still inserted) and what do you know, THE RIGHT THERE! I opened the particular sd card, (still labeled sdxc) and everything was generally there! I copied like a hundred photos over, (I' mirielle told the drive provides thousands) before… file discover crashed. since then I haven' t been able to recreate this to get more files of the sd card.

this sdcard has sent me on a roller coaster of emotions, the main one being confusion.

What can I do to get these files back again?

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