SD Card unreadable, barely shows up in Device Manager, any way to recover the raw data at all?

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I recently tried backing up some stuff on my Android phone to the micro SDHC card and everything seemed to work fine with the transfer but then shortly after my phone could no longer read the SD card anymore. After a reboot, it said the SD card needed to be formatted. I tried putting the card in my laptop and sometimes Windows Device Manager sees there's an SDHC card plugged in but that's it. It doesn't even ask me to format it or anything and disk management doesn't see anything either. Only my Android phone can see it easily but it thinks it needs to be formatted.

So is there any to recover the data on this microSD card? I've tried some recovery software but none of them can detect the SD card or they just hang while trying to detect it. Are there any physical tools or devices that can read/extract the raw data without needing to mount the SD card?

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