Seagate Central ST3000DM003 drive not spinning

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So I am trying to recover some data from a Seagate central. I believe that I initially plugged in the wrong power cable to the device and since then the seagate central would not power up no matter if I used the correct cable or not.

To troubleshoot, I removed the drive from the seagate central and tried reading it via a usb hard drive enclosure but I found that when I plugged the drive into the enclosure, the power for the enclosure would shut off. After reading a few forum posts about this line of drives I did open up the PCB and found that one of the TVS diodes was bad and I removed it. This allowed the enclosure to actually power up when the drive was attached but the drive itself still does not spin and I have confirmed that none of the other TVS diodes are bad on the PCB.

Is this something I can fix myself with a motor replacement?

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