Seagate Drive won’t initialize in Windows anymore

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Seagate Drive won't initialize in Windows anymore

Hey all,

so the worst happened last week. Randomly in the middle of copying something on my external HDD, Windows decided to virtually unplug my Drive. No biggie. I unplugged and replugged it and Windows asked me to scan and repair the drive. I did that and during that, it happened again. So now, whenever i plug my HDD into my Laptop, Windows recognizes it (with that sound, that plays when a new device is connected) but i can't initialize it, because of some Hardware Error. The Drive also doesn't make any "damaged" sounds i recognize.

I guess the Drive is finally past its lifetime and thats fine. Unfortunately i wasn't smart enough to make copies of those files, cause that was my Backup Drive. I'm now in a position where i don't know what i can do to get access to my files. I already bought a new one where i can store them, but i tried almost anything i could find and nothing worked.

What i tried so far:

Using Windows internal tools (the smart status is still ok strangely and the properties of the drive still says that it workes fine)

Using Programs such as DMDE, GetDataBack, Easeus

Using Knoppix and Ultimate Boot CD

Using Premium Software from Seagate

A couple of information that could help:

diskpart doesn't show the drive and neither does mountvol

When i'm in the volume section of the properties of the drive, sometimes i can use the fill in option

Properties of the drive


Volume properties of the drive

My guess would be that the only solution left is going to a data recovery center, but that is expensive and i don't have that much money to do that. (That would be the last resort)

I really hope that someone knows something i haven't tried yet.

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