to recover TrueCrypt Header? Reputable?

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I have a thumb drive that was encrypted with TrueCrypt back in 2014. Unfortunately, it was quick-formatted and had a few drivers/photos put on it. I've tried Recuva, but the only files it was able to salvage were the TrueCrypt.exe and a bunch of random files with bizarre file names and extensions.

After some googling to what was in my area, I saw there was a site called, which seemed to have some good online reviews. I spoke to a rep who was confident they could recover the header (since I know it's name and have the passwords for it), with recovery ranging from $500-$1500.

Not sure who here has had luck with them. Their social media presence is lacking, and I'd like to get some second opinions before I ship this drive out to their lab (they already printed me a FedEx overnight label).

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