Should I keep shopping around? (Expensive first quote)

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Hey experts! I archive all of my work to 1 or 2 TB spinning drives, stored in plastic cases – yep, I know that's not optimal, but I have 32 of the things now. I access them in a drive doc (OS X, normal journaled filed system, no encryption).

The other day I dropped a 2 TB WD Blue from about 3' to the floor, in its case, landed flat on its back. It just clicks in the dock and doesn't boot at all, so head crash or physical damage? There's only 1 file on the drive I'll really need, the other jobs aren't coming back to life/etc.

I sent it off for a quote at a local service that seems part of a national chain. After diagnoses, their cheapest option was $2500 (I;m in Dallas, TX). Is that par for the course, or should I get more quotes? I know the file structure of the drive and where the file I'd like to get to is. Is it really that expensive (I assume they have to open it up and make some sort of physical repair or remove the platters, this isn't just running software on it). Thanks for any advice.

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