SMART and Crystal Disk Info Unhappy but Disk Genius show 0 bad sectors

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First time on reddit. I just plugged, formated and transfered data to my new HD (Toshiba 8To, 5700rpm). Perf tests where good and crystal disk info was happy. It is for data/programs/games, OS is on a separate HDD (a SSD). Windows 10 x64.

Then I switched off the computer and power, switch some cables and unplugged the old "not OS" HDD then booted again.

My BIOS said HDD was bad and need replacement soon. I tried multiple SATA cables but still the same, I had to disable SMART scan in BIOS to boot.

I ran crystal disk again, and this time it said it was bad (something related to read issue), which seemed another hint at a problem. But, now I'm running Disk Genius sector scan, after 12 hours it is soon finished and all sectors are excellent/good and 32 out of 1 million are "normal".

What should I trust ? So far the disk doesnt appear to have any problem, except in SMART/CrystalDisk.

On one hand I would think it is best to ship it back "just in case", on another hand I have trouble to see what the issue could really be if both temperature is fine, sectors are all ok and perf tests are fine.

I can post Crystal Disk Info results as soon as Disk Genius is finished (94% atm) if needed.

Any advice ?

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