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My prior post got marked as spam by Reddit maybe because I actually used Mega links so here it is again with links in order to imgur.

I had a 3 disk (4TB, 2TB, 1TB) spanned volume along with dynamic disks and I tried to resize the volume to get the 1TB drive from the spanned volume. I managed to get one drive out with Aomei dynamic disk manager but there was unallocated space at the beginning of the first disk and so i tried to move the volume slices towards the beginning of the disks but something proceeded to go wrong and now the spanned volume shows up raw in windows hard drive manager. It' s visible in explorer but it doesn' t display the size and can' t become accessed. In windows disk manager the partitions are correct but the partitions with data show up since RAW and have no used space.

I use tried using testdisk, stellar, easeUS, iCare data recovery, ReclaiME, DMDE and remo to recover the volume yet no luck. I have been able to obtain files from the 2TB disk along with photorec but they obviously don' capital t have any names or files which isn' t ideal for more than 1 . 1TB of movies, TV shows and other files. I' ve had the opportunity to find folders and names for your 4TB drive which has about 3 or more. 7TB of files in it. Some of the files are still corrupted maybe because they' re partly in the other drive.

I do have the logs from Aomei that show the construction of the spanned volume precisely prior to it all went wrong so if there is a way to write those somehow that might fix it but I' m as well afraid to try it without verification. I wonder if I write the structure to the drives somehow would it not overwrite the data because the volume slices would move again or might the drives just move the information back? I' m at a loss and am would rather not have to identify and rename somewhere between 1-2TB of data. I probably haven' t given all of the required information here so please ask for anything you need. Thanks!

Here are the particular structures of the spanned volume before and after moving the slices and DMDE scans of the two drives which were still in the spanned volume in order to went bad. You can see the utilized sector turned to 0KB as the drive turned RAW but there clearly are folders and files in the volume and it hasn' t been formatted.

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