SSD crash not recognized by OS

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I have a fairly technical background in IT but don't work in it anymore. Have an issue with a hard drive and figured I would see if I might be able to find a solution here. Its a Sandisk Ultra II SSD.

I have an older ASUS laptop I use primarily for documents and email type stuff. It doesn't travel it just sits on my desk. Built a new one and have moved almost exclusively to it in the last 6 months. Recently I got a blue screen of death on it and when I rebooted it failed to boot with a windows error message "Error Code: 0xc000000e" Clearly this is a failure to recognize the disk. There was no warning of impending failure. Drive is fairly new, at the very most 2 years old. According to Sandisk dashboard before the crash it still had 99% of life left.

Tried to repair the disk with a Windows recovery tool. No luck. Even tried downloading a new version of the Windows recovery tools. It was never able to see the drive.

So I took the Sandisk Ultra II out and tried to access it from another laptop and a desktop. Both failed to recognize the device. They could see that something was there but could not initialize it. I used a number of SATA drive cables to connect it and none would allow me to access the data or initialize the disk to even begin using drive recovery software. I verified the SATA drives were working by putting a different drive on them and ensuring I could read those drives.

Seems to me the drive isn't getting power or the interface connection on the board is borked.

There is data that I need off that disk. It is still under warranty but I want to get the data. Before I send the drive off to a data recovery place does anyone have any suggestions of something I could try?

And if not can someone recommend a good data recovery company?

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