SSD fluded: Will water have an effect on a turned OFF SSD (exposed to water for a long time)

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Hey Reddit,

i moved out of my parents home about 2 years ago. My parents had to the particular beautiful idea of moving some off my stuff from my room to a garage that we rented. They also stored my old PC there, and a laptop.

However, a longer time ago (more than 6 months) the garage area was flooded and my parents didn' t noticed that until now.

I really just care about the SSD in my PC, since there are a lot of old memories (for example pictures) on it. I know for sure that the SSD was submerged: ( And my dad told me when he or she grabbed the drive, that will water came out of the inside, therefore water definitely came inside the SSD

So i have a couple of questions, and would be pleased with every answer i could get:

  1. I just wan' to know if a SSD that was powerd off can be effected by water? I mean it has no moving parts, like a hdd, right?

  2. What are SSD' s i9000 made of? Are there any internals that may rust, or corrode. For example the " pins" what is the materials of them.

  3. What are the chances of recover? And how pricey?

  4. Is there a good chance that the SSD just will work after letting it dry?

EDIT 1: SSD is a 2 . five SATA

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