Stage 1 Recovery Complete… great my files are a mess!

admin 12 Apr , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

I had formed a very messy recovery but there’s nothing that can be done about that at this point. The problem hard drive has been formatted and rewritten and all the recovered data is in the folder on my laptop. The content is mostly image documents (photography).

Our problem with recovered data at this point:

  • Many of the files are damaged

  • Many of the files are duplicated

  • Many of the image files are lower resolution (maybe We recovered the thumbnails? )

Things that would be useful:

  • Knowing how to batch delete all of the files in a directory and it is subfolders with the word “repaired” in the title.

  • Know how to filter out images that are majority black pixels or blue -pixels. I am finding alot of the files are corrupted to ensure that 60-70% of the image from left to right is only black and blue pixels

Is there software applications available to assist in situations like these? I am just a little leery of command quick since I’m such a noob but if that’s the way to go for some of the operations, I’ll try it out.

Thanks beforehand for any responses!

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