The Software RAID5 stopped getting recognized. What are my choices?

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Hey there all, not sure if a lot of you are familiar with softraid and OWC enclosures, but I have an OWC thunderbay enclosure, make up a RAID5 number with 4x2TB drives. However , I purchased my bay used and did not get a warranty for it in the process. I did so not have a backup of my raid, which I understand was dumb, but I thought RIAD5 would at least shield me a little bit (I know, I know, raids are not backups… ). The RAID will be formatted as macos extended journaled.

A few weeks ago, softraid started giving an error saying that 2 drives were no longer being known and the RAID drive are unable to mount. weird, so I just did a couple unplugs, plus resets and thought that would work… long story short.. I spoke to SOFTRAID support and they told me that the bay’s hardware was smudged, and therefore the program could no longer recognize the raid properly.

I did several SMART tests of each commute in another enclosure and they all passed, AND I furthermore tried to setup another RAID with another 4 recognized good drives, and that didn’t work. so I definitely understand its a hardware issue.

what are our options in terms of trying to recuperate my data from the RAID? SOFTRAID support said get a program called “diskwarrior” to try to recover the data, but So i am not sure how that would function if the computer cannot understand the raid… can I plug them into another enclosure and try to get another program to recognize the raid considering that it’s a software raid but not a hardware raid? am i able to install softraid onto the windows computer and try to read through it that way? send it to a data recovery middle?

thanks in advance all. this is my very first time in this sub. however I am aware reddit is full of quite intelligent and helpful individuals so i’m hopeful!

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