Toddler Dropped Hard Drive

admin 11 May , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

I have a 4 TB external, portable hard drive which i have used for years to move old VHS tapes to digital from my childhood along with digitizing my entire DVD AND BLU-RAY / BluRay collection and other random videos. While absolutely nothing on there is pirated or even torrented, because I do own personal everything on DVD or BluRay, just digitized this, I don’t want to send this into a data recovery services and get screwed.

But , pretty much, my 2 year old ripped it off the TV stand and it strike the ground hard. Plugged it in, it makes clicking sounds. I did, stupidly, try it a couple more times but could not get the data to read. Just makes clicking noises.

I did find our backup that has about five hundred GBs worth of the videos on it, but I’m missing everything else and don’t wish to be missing those videos.

Everything online states not to try and do it yourself, yet I figured, why not?

So , what is the absolute best way of going about obtaining these files off the hard disk drive, fixing it myself or even getting it to run enough that I can get the files off and onto a new drive.

(If this is in the wrong place, let me know as well).

Thanks y’all!

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