Tried to copy many large files from one external HD to another, many files got lost, but old drive is still showing the space is used? (Confusing title, read more inside)

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I bought a 12 TB WD My Book to consolidate all my files into one place. I have a 2 TB WD My Passport as well as a 2x 4TB of the same. I copied all the files from the first Passport (the 2TB one) with no problem. However, when I was copying the files from the 1st 4TB Passport, I hit a strange problem. It said that some folders were in use by another program, but I closed every possible program that could be using them. Finally, I just stopped the transfer and thought I would restart it. However, after I did that, all the folders in the old drive are now empty, even though the transfer didn't finish!

The thing is, the old drive is showing about 1.4 TB of space is still being used, which is about what I'm missing, but I cannot find the files in any of the folders. If I click on the folder properties, it only lists the number of folders, but says there are 0 files taking up 0 bytes.

What is going on here, and what can I do to recover my files? I tried using Recuva, but all it showed is the files that I had already copied off the Passport to the My Book. It didn't show any of the missing files. Should I try another program? Or should I take it to a professional?

Thanks for the help!

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