Trouble using file transfer for Motorola V3 flip mobile phone L7c/K1m/V3m

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Motorola V3 flip telephone L7c/K1m/V3m

Howdy everyone! I have a slightly difficult issue. I found my parent’s old flip phone which has very important images and videos on it. I am trying to transfer them on to my computer, but I haven’t been able to receive all the photos. I downloaded BlueFTP for windows, which really worked to get the files from “In camera” only. One of the pictures in the “saved in order to phone” category, were not visible. Same goes for videos- except when blueFTP saved the videos, it did not catch any semblance of quality and was entirely lacking the audio. I attempted to directly connect the phone via the usb cable, but the file manager won’t identify it. In device manager, it is detected as a telephone but there is nothing I can perform to interact with the documents on the phone. I’ve attempted using the send option when viewing a photo, but the phone really does not connect to something because it cannot set up “Power Vision” or update this for that matter. I would try to transfer the files to a microsd, BUT there IS a microsd in fact it is very, very stuck in the phone. It isn’t sticky or anything, it is just almost unwavering entirely. I’ve tried pressing it out as gently yet forcefully as possible having a sewing needle, a pen, and my fingers. The last thing I wish to do is scratch in the inside of the phone and damage it just trying to take away the SD card (even tho it has no photos transferred to this yet), but if you have any recommendations for getting it out, make sure you let me know. I can’t seem to figure out if it’s possible to email them from the phone, specifically because it doesn’t seem to possess a way for me to connect the telephone to my wifi. I would really like any recommendations on this! Thank you so much!

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