Trying to get DDRescue working LOL

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Hi there,

I'm trying to use DDRescue to copy a hard drive with mechanical problems ([Invalid FAT Boot Sector, cannot read boot sector FAT 32] tried rebuilding Boot Sector in TestDisk but it stalled for hours at 24%).

DDRescue only woks with Linux right? So I need to boot my PC into Linux to run DDRescue? I have no idea about Linux. I installed a VirtualBox and Linux VM but TestDisk cant even see the 500gb old hard drive/my pc hard drives I have connected via USB. I guess because its a VM. Do I need to boot into the Linux ISO from USB as opposed to using a VM for Linux to see it?

I have a 4gb hard drive in PC split into 4 partitions I want to make the backup onto one of the partitions, 1gb partition. The old hard drive with the failure on it is connected via USB by a All In One converter.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

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