Trying to transfer from ropey old SD card

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So my phone started to not recognise the micro SD card and so I'm trying to get all my photos/videos off of it.

I can access it on the computer and have managed to transfer all the photos on there that I have been sent, but when I try to copy all the photos from the "camera" folder under DCIM, it will only get so far and then copying will stop. It appears there are a few corrupted photos that can't be transferred. This would be OK if it allowed me to skip those photos and continue transferring the non corrupt files, but every time it reaches a bad file the speed drops to nothing and it just stays there. I can't cancel it, or it will just get stuck on cancelling and I can shut down the computer properly. In order to get around it I have to manually shut it down by holding the power button.

Anyone got any suggestions as to how I can go about filtering out the corrupt files beforehand so I can just delete them? I can handle losing a few photos but it will take me forever to transfer them in the way I am having to do it now (about 2000 photos) Any help greatly appreciated thankyou.

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