Urgent- Disk Drill failed to recover the crucial date / period stamps on my data, are there other options? Please help, this is an enormous part of a multi year research project.

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Yesterday We downloaded latest version Storage drill Pro to recover the particular 10, 000-20, 000. wav audio files that were somehow lost from an SD card before the SD card data could be relocated to an external hard drive. If it is relevant, I’m using a MacBook Pro on Monterey OS. The particular files were from information collection in an experiment so that they are completely useless with no date and time information connected to the files. I believe that Disk Drill then recovered many of the files. HOWEVER , the particular files that the program recovered are named completely in different ways from the ones I lost and are lacking the document information including any sort of time or time or place data. This is incredibly important as the data is an enormous part of my graduate degree. So I have two questions:

  1. DATE- Is there any way I can recover that data as well? Do you recommend any other programs or steps? I have study a bit about R-Studio plus would consider using it. However , I would need to purchase a superior license because of the enormous quantity of files I need to recover and so i would like your advice on whether you think it is worth that.

  2. Files names- Is it possible that will Disk Drill somehow retrieved incorrectly or incompletely named files? Or are the documents I’m seeing a possible recovery of much older data over the card (borrowed from an analysis collaborator), and not the files I’m looking for? Both my data and the older data would be similar. wav files so without the date, it really is impossible to tell.

Let me finish this by saying- We are a bat biologist and also have limited experience file recuperation (as well as anything at all comp sci. ) I would really appreciate your assist, especially in borderline layman’s terms.

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