Veracrypt restore volume header

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Veracrypt restore volume header


I'm on a mission to try and recover data from a external encrypted (Veracrypt) Western Digital Black 4tb hdd (spinning disc).

I had plugged it in and accidentally clicked quick format, then immediately disconnected it as soon as i realised my error (few seconds later)

I have successfully made a disc image .rdr file with R-Studio, as well as a copy of this disc image file.

I have tested this disc image file, by

Opening the .rdr image file in R-Studio

right clicking the image file and mounting it to a drive letter,

Then in Veracrypt selecting device and Partition 1 which contains the entire image file.

I click Auto-Mount Devices, enter the password and PIM, Veracrypt recognises the hidden volume only, not the outer volume, and asks me to restore volume header

here is the pic for this, from my first post

To do this it asks me to dismount the drive first.

I do this, click Restore Volume Header, re-enter the password and PIM and this prompt comes up, saying it is read-only.

I also have tried the Diskpart cmd and here are pics of both.

Please let me know how to go about making the image/virtual drive not read-only or do I have to copy the image to yet another hdd and then auto-mount that device in VC to be able to restore the volume header?

Thanks in advance for any ideas, this has been a very frustrasting process, and I have learnt my lesson about keeping backups of the original drives as well as the masterkeys.

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