Ways to restore whatsapp messages, files

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Hello there someone logged into the whatsapp web, unknowningly for me, when things got dubious to him he for some reason deleted certain messages which the person shared with other people through both ends( i requested chatexports of my talk partners and even there the particular messages do not appear! ) so I dont have the evidence. I wish to take legal action and also I want to know which text messages exactly have been all deleted because its bugging me personally alot. I believe he wiped also my hard drive having a program. Things were at the moment not obvious enough in my experience but only later on I came to the realization that which was happening.. I hope you can assist so here are my queries:

I have my old phone where this happened can I in some way restore the messages? I also have the old phone associated with my girlfriend, there is no whatsapp folder anymore though given that she back then deleted it after switching her phone, can I restore there mail messages which were in our chat?

I had an android telephone and my girlfriend an Iphone

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