WD MyPassport Connects to Energy but my Macbook isn’t going to register due to replacement wire?

admin 30 May , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

Therefore I’ve had this Traditional western Digital MyPassport over a yr now (2TB), and had difficulties with the cord disconnected along with even the slightest movement for months before I was finally capable to get in touch with WD, who offered me the option of returning the entire drive annd having it easily wiped. I told them to send me a new WD top quality cord, as I’d currently tried a replacement I bought myself. Now I’ve got the newest cord, and same as this did with the first replacement I purchased, the generate turns on and spins, but isn’t registered on the Macbook? Like doesn’t show up at all, as if it’s not linked…

The generate still works with the old wire (as long as I plug it in at the right angle , nor move the laptop, hard drive, or table my laptop computer is sitting on yet it’s a huge pain plus pretty risky for huge projects.

Is there anything I can do to obtain these newer cords to work with my drive, or are I stuck using the outdated one forever? Been researching this for ages now and just can’t seem to find the answer online.

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