We will be in a 15, 500 dollar debt, help..

admin 07 May , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

The video group accidentally formatted the hard generate in which we had recorded 4 days of our band video clip. We spent A LOT of money for the production and they were conserving everything in one external hard disk. We were not aware of it and would have pointed out the risk of 1 point of failure.

One of the members from the video team was format his camera memory cards and accidentally also formatted the external hard drive with all our data.

The guy who did it didn’t even notice when it happened. It could have been a quick format since the data (~1. 2 TB) would have taken a lot longer to completely wipe it out and I’m wishing that the data might be there.

Make sure you help.. any process/expense of having out of this without life changing debt for an unsigned band.

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