What’s the difference between quality data recovery software and the useless ones?

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I read every day here that certain data recovery programs perform terribly, and others come highly recommended, but what's the difference? I just did some light googling to see if I can find a breakdown of some popular ones, but maybe starting here will be easier and more helpful.

For example: You have deleted data on a typical CMR HDD and the original metadata was overwritten. The only alternative is to perform a raw scavenge, which, as far as I understand is based off of reading for file signatures. This sounds like a pretty straightforward task.

So, are there different methods behind the scenes that execute this? Why is UFS going to be better at this task then DiskDrill?

Bonus: When it comes to scavenging damaged filesystems, I've heard that one software possibly does a better job than another on a specific file system: R-Studio typically does better with HFS+/APFS than UFS will. Has anyone else found that to be true and if so, do you know what makes that true?

Thanks for reading!

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