Which usually external hard drive you Reccomand me for store photos from google photos?

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From the professional perspective of a data rescuer, one can only
declare there are not too many differences in conditions of quality when it
comes to hard disks. Hardly one is better (some are worse) than the

If the data features immense importance to you plus a data loss would
be devastating, a weird and conscientious data back-up is an absolute
necessity. A single external hard drive will be extremely risky. Far
too often people drop all of them or the external hard drive experiences a shock.
In addition , deterioration is an issue with any type of information storage
device. Failing is certain to come, the timing is just not defined.

As u/Behrooz mentioned, the NAS with RAID 1 mirroring is well worth the
recommendation, but just not a backup. The additional information backup on one
or even more external hard disks in alternation can compensate for the loss
of data if the EM falls victim to a volts spike, for example. Very
often , NAS systems never communicate that a disk is no longer running.
Then you possess a RAID 1 in degraded mode.

Within the best case, only use technology and systems that you understand and can operate. Too often we have cases where individuals have let themselves be persuaded complex
systems, where amateurish operating errors may cause considerable
damage. And most important: backup, backup, back-up. “No backup, no
sympathy” is a saying here in the German-speaking world.

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