Writes from a file copy unreadable even with ddrescue. Rest of drive is fine. Ideas?

Writes from a file copy unreadable even with ddrescue. Rest of drive is fine. Ideas?

I have an external WD Passport USB drive (NTFS) that I use for a backup of important files. I needed to reload my pc and copied about 50gb of new data onto it. After wiping my original drive and reloading my OS, discovered that the external drive was unreadable.

Panic mode set in as the new 50gb of data is a very proprietary 3d model of a manufacturing process and I cannot send it to “the pro’s”.

Immediately made a bootable USB with ddrescue on it. Odd thing is that creating an image blazes along, reading all data that had been written prior to the last set of files copied. Areas where the new files were written, and chunks of the MFT fail to read. So, I can recover everything except the last items I copied.

I could understand one of the MFT’s being corrupted.. but both with completely unreadable areas, and the data written itself unreadable?

Has anyone seen anything like this scenario and have tips? Willing and able to to pretty much any tech steps, even if it was to play with calibration info in an eeprom (no I haven’t done that before), but can’t send the drive off without anything short of an SEC filing being the result.

Halp! :). The one time I had a single copy of a file..

Update: ddrescue progress image attached, note that drive is 4TB and I misstated amount of data I cant read – it should be 150GB instead of 50GB.


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